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   . . . and my world is Texas.  I'll show how we talk, what we like to eat, where we like to eat, where we live, and how we have fun and where we go to do. . . and you can too.  For now this site is a work in progress so some links will work and some won't, and, of course, some will always be updated. 

      So check out the links in the left hand column and see what my world, Texas, is like.  It's not that bad, really.

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Some quick facts about Texas before you move on:


Statehood attained: Dec. 29, 1845 (29th state)

Nickname: The Lone Star State (after the single star in its state flag)

Motto:  "Friendship" (the word Texas comes from "tejas", the Spanish pronunciation of the Caddo Indian word for "friend" or "ally")

Area: 268,581 sq. mi.

Population (2010): 25,145,561

Capital: Austin (last capital of the Republic of Texas)

Highest point: 8,749 ft. (Guadalupe Mt. in Culberson Co.)

Lowest point: sea level (Gulf of Mexico)

State bird: mockingbird

State reptile: Texas horned lizard

State small mammal: armadillo

State flower: bluebonnet

State tree: pecan

State dish: chili

State snack: tortilla chips and salsa

State fruit: Texas red grapefruit

State vehicle: chuck wagon (though some would argue it's the pickup truck)

State gem: Texas blue topaz

State ship: USS Texas (berthed at the Houston Ship Channel, served in both world wars)

Largest city: Houston (2,099,451)

Largest county (population): Harris (4,092,495) located in southeast Texas

Smallest county (population): Loving (82) west Texas

Largest county (size): Brewster (6,193 sq. mi.) west Texas

Smallest county (size): Rockwall (149 sq. mi.) northeast Texas

Number of Texas counties: 254

Wettest year statewide: 42.62 in (1941)

Driest year statewide: 13.\30 (1917)

Highest annual rainfall: 109.38 in (1873 in Clarksville)

Least annual rainfall: 1.63 in (1956 in Presidio)